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We understand that no two projects are the same ....

PCL was established in 2012 as an associated entity to The Gryphon Group. Gryphon was formed nearly 20 years earlier to act as a consultant to selected professional developers and builders before slowly expanding its role to all facets of residential projects. Today, Gryphon and PCL work side-by-side to maximize the returns of their many projects on behalf of their stakeholders.

"In 2011, Gryphon saw the market starting to recover from its lows of the previous decade and post GFC," recalls Troy Turner, the Principal behind PCL. "Many of the developers we had worked with previously started to come back into the marketplace by 2011, opportunities were opening up, so we established PCL to work specifically with Landowners, Builders, Investors and Developers to take advantage of the changing market."

"The company’s main focus is acting as a conduit between all the four main stakeholders,” he adds. 2nd and 3rd tier developers need an experienced hand in acquiring and delivering product to the market and achieving the best results, this is also true for the landowners ,investors and builders as well "

"You could say we do a lot more homework up front than most project marketers/ managers and provide an experienced hand and engage with all stakeholders” he says.. That’s what really sets us apart."

"PCL believes the key to achieving strong and long-lasting relationships is communication and results"

Long TerM Relationships

The team behind PCL has achieved an extensive track record of sales and marketing results over the years, they have built upon their expertise, knowledge and connections and have come to intrinsically understand the challenges each project faces. They know that no two projects are the same and each needs to be treated in a way that maximizes its unique qualities and points of difference of the project. This approach has assured Gryphon and PCL success with over $2 billion in project sales.

"We work closely with trusted agents in all growth centres of the Sydney markets and they present acquisition opportunities to us regularly and after considered reviews we select the best projects and present them to our stakeholders and aim to create a project that’s delivers results to all parties"

We also work extensively with landowners to assist in obtaining the best commercial arrangements for them and our other stake holders and have worked on several outright purchases and joint venture agreement in Sydney, Brisbane and regional areas and achieved great results for all parties.

On the topic of relationships, PCL believes the key to achieving strong and long-lasting relationships is communication and results. "The developers we work with have been with us for 10 or 15 years, and we meet regularly to assist in all facets of their ongoing development programs.

"Currently, we work with a small group of mid-tier developers that produce over a 1000 blocks of land per year in Sydney ,” says Troy. “We manage those projects with them, and work with selected builders that we have long-term relationships with and also private investors that assist in the up-front creation of the projects and share in the rewards"

“With our builder networks we maintain regular contact and provide forward forecasts of when we’re going to be able to deliver stock and at what price points. We sit down and work with them so that they understand what they can expect going forward as well. That’s really the critical part with our relationships – everyone needs to know what’s happening now and in the future ."

"As to our investors it’s the same process, and obviously with rigorous due diligence and ongoing management attached , that’s why, we have several investors who continue to invest again and again on our projects".

Moving forward, Troy says the goal for PCL is to follow the market movements and maintain strong relationships with all their stakeholders.


Troy Turner (LREA BBUS)

Troy has been involved in the development industry since 1990 when as the director of marketing for A.V. Jennings he positioned them as Australia’s largest builder during his 5 year tenure and for many years to come. He has since been extensively involved in the industry and is seen as one of the leading sale & marketing innovators.

In the late 90’s Troy ran the exclusive packaging business for Henley homes in North West Sydney and the Central Coast and successfully sold hundreds of Home & Land \packages per year and in early 2000’s did the same for Devine Pioneer with even better results.

He has managed the sales & marketing aspects and been involved at varying levels in projects on behalf of Lensworth, Stockland, Impala, Danallam, Ardel, Monarch, Babcock & Brown , Delfin, Lend Lease, Investa, Citta, Urban Pacific (Macquarie bank) and other private developers across most areas of Sydney ,NSW and QLD - from Jarvis bay to Hamilton island and Mackay.

With both his development and building backgrounds and his knowledge and contacts within the industry, Troy is truly the “Go to Man“ when it comes to project marketing, land acquisition and house and land packaging.